• University of Twente/Philips
  • 2009
  • Individual project

Design and Emotion: Wake-up Bear

The Philips wake-up light has a very broad target group. In this project a redesign had to be made with a specific theme. I chose 'gender and the influence on product design' theme. I researched gender differences and similarities and noticed that childeren have even a more explicit taste than adults. In chose to undergo the challenge to redesign the wake-up light for children, so find a design that both boys and girls like.

One important aspect that kids have in common is that they like cuddle animals, and specifically a teddy-bear. I designed a teddy-bear which has features of the wake-up light: Light is integrated in his four paws and his belly. The principle of the wake-up light stays te same. When the child has to wake-up, the different parts light up.