• Masterthesis graduationproject
  • University of Twente
  • 2010-2011
  • Individual project

Virtual Reality Design tool

Applying Virtual Reality for participatory design: supporting end-users in the design process of an endoscopic operating theatre.

  • Virtual Reality: A simulated environment
  • Participatory Design: Actively involvement of stakeholders in a design process
  • Endoscopy: Minimal invasive surgery method. Operating by means of operating with small instruments that are brought into the body via small incisions.
  • This graduation project comprises the design and testing of a Virtual Reality design tool for operating theatres. The Virtual Reality design tool supports stakeholders of dedicated endoscopic operating theatres, such as surgeons, nurses and anaesthetists, with the design of a specific part of the room arrangement: It enables them to create new concepts regarding ceiling mounted arm (CMA) systems in a virtual operating theatre environment and gain insight in consequences of design decisions.

    The tool comprises a dedicated Virtual Reality environment that is used in a Participatory Design workshop especially developed for this purpose. Participants can create CMA concepts by placing miniature representations of the ceiling mounted arm components on a Surface Touch table.

    The created concepts can immediately be tested for usability in the virtual environment. Stakeholders can immerse into the environment by the use of moveable virtual avatars and experience the consequences of the design decisions they have made. A facilitating team of designers can gain information about the stakeholders’ preferences, needs and priorities during the workshop discussions.

    On account of a call for papers for the IASDR conference (desin & research) I wrote a paper. I'm very grateful the paper was accepted and I was able to present my project using a poster during the Conference.