• University of Twente
  • 2009
  • Team of 4

Create the future: Bang & Olufsen home station

Bang & Olufsen is a very strong brand with specific aesthetic characteristics in its products. You can call the designs contemporary, e.g. audio devices from the 80's are still modern nowadays. But when designing a new range of B&O products for the year 2020, what would they look like?

In this project the design of a new range of products is a result of a research about trends in lighting. The number of light sources increases every year. In addition the purpose of light gets more dimensions. Besides lighting the environment, people use light to create a certain ambiance.

By means of the designed system, called 'BeOlife' people can create an ambiance in their living room specificly how they want it. The BeOlife system comprises a wall panel to control all subsystems, a remote control, a subwoofer, speakers, wall-lights and a ceiling light.

BeOlife Wall panel folded

BeOlife Wall panel folded out, show all options to create a certain ambiance when watching tv or a movie or listening to music

Remote Control folded. With the shortcut keys on the metal head the audio or video can be controlled.

Remote control folded out. The remote control can be used to adapt the ambiance in the room.

Wall light. The wall light lights te room and is also a speaker.

Subwoofer. The subwoofer has also a light to contribute to the desired ambiance.