• Escobar Advertising
  • 2008
  • Individual project

BSc assignment: Alcohol test gadget

For my Bachelorthesis I designed an alcohol test device. The device detects and displays the presence of alcohol in one's body. The product had to cater to the international social trend of the realisation that alcohol is dangerous for the health and especially when participating in traffic. The target group are young people aged between 18 and 24 years old, especially because they learn to drive at that time but also go out a lot.

The focus lies on designing a product that is a gadget: a fun and small product, but it has to create awareness among the target group. The product can be sold or given away at an event where alcoholic beverages are sold. To make the device 'fun' a game element was added: the wheel of fortune. In this case the different parts on the wheel indicate, after blowing into the device, the amount of alcohol in the breath and whether the use should drive a car or not. When the user blows into the device, the LEDs in the device light up on after another, going around the circle. When the device has measured the amount of alcohol, the LEDs reduce the speed in which they light up and eventually one LED stays on. The outcome is showed by a LED that lights up at the according amount of alcohol measured by the device.

Render of the final product

Working prototype of the product

View model of the product

The parts on the weel

Exploded view and internal components of the product